Finest world renown propellers
Laminated hardwood propellors that leave our manufacturing facility are incredibly strong, and beautiful, available in a number of fixed-blade and adjustable-pitch variations. We produce three basic categories of propellors;

1. TECH Series (Fixed blade and ground-adjustable)
2. PPG (Powered ParaGlider)
3. GSC-GTA In-Flight Adjustable

Tech Series
Construction of fixed-pitch propellers are such that the wood fibres in the laminations run the entire length of the propeller, allowing it to absorb considerable harmonic vibrations from the engine or crankshaft. Because of this superior strength, GSC Systems will suggest that a fixed pitch propeller be used on any direct-drive engine (such as Subaru®, Jabiru® and Volkswagen®. Generally a fixed-pitch propeller is a less-expensive option than an adjustable propeller. Additionally, they are ideal for flyers that wish to be able to attach their propellers and immediately be ready to fly, with no further effort required for adjusting. The fixed-pitch propellers can be ordered in hub thicknesses between 1 ½” up to 2 3/8”. Diameters are available from 32” up to 72”. Specialty fixed-pitch propellers can be made on request.

GSC Systems have been in the light aircraft propeller market for over 30 years, and have also provided quality products to the small trike and PPG propeller market. With our modern production equipment, we can offer the PPG customer the same high-quality products that our conventional aircraft customers have depended upon.

Our PPG propeller database covers the majority of the props that are currently in use. However with new OEM's and new engines coming to market, many prop manufacturers aren’t able to keep up. Our advantage is that we have a CMM in house, which means if you have a unique or damaged prop, we can duplicate the original. Even better, we can even modify it if necessary to get the optimum RPM and thrust that you require. At GSC Systems we offer you the best of both worlds; a complete line of fixed-pitch props, or choose from our 2-blade and 3-blade fully ground-adjustable product lines. Our very light CNC machined aluminum hub enables you to break down the propeller to accommodate a very small shipping size, when you take your PPG on holidays with you. In the event of a prop strike, you may need to change only one blade and with our multi-blade hub system, you can easily carry spares for quick changes.

Over the years as the light aircraft industry has progressed and recreational aircraft have become more sophisticated, GSC Systems recognized that pilots were looking for alternatives to the standard ground-adjustable propellers. To meet this challenge, GSC developed an inflight, cockpit-controlled, mechanically adjustable propeller. The GTA propeller is the result of many years of engineering and is a reliable, safe and solid performer. It is produced and assembled right in our own facility and all components are made under strict quality control. It uses a vernier control cable from the cockpit which is calibrated to give one degree of pitch change for each revolution of the control knob. The vernier is linked to a push rod which activates a cam system inside the GTA hub. The cam then turns the blades, providing a full 18 degrees of pitch adjustment. This gives the propeller the reliability of a completely mechanical system. A dual spring action applies pressure on the cam and hence the blades and fine pitch can be attained quickly by depressing the center of the vernier control. The GTA propeller is available in two different blade designs:

- The popular GSC rock eastern maple hardwood with composite leading edge - 8.5 lbs
- Warp drive blades with or without nickel leading edge - 9.5 lbs

After decades of use, pilots consistently report improved performance from their aircraft. Cruise speeds have increased by an average 15 MPH, takeoff and climb-out also are considerably better, and float pilots claim that time to get off water has been noticeably reduced. The GTA does require a hollow shaft-type gearbox to accommodate the push rod. On a safety note, the GTA has been designed with a feature which will always return the blades to the fine pitch stop if the need should arise.

Clock Props
Looking for a unique gift for the aviation enthusiast who has everything? How about a customdesigned propeller clock for your office or home? These propeller clocks are made with the same care and manufacturing process as our airplane propellers. They are made with the finest wood available and hand-finished to assure quality. Choose from a basic design in stock or let us make a one-of-a-kind propeller clock designed just for you.